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VAT and


Value-Added Tax is one of the best known of all taxes partly because most EU citizens pay it almost on a daily basis, sometimes being made aware of their payments on invoices and receipts and sometimes, such as in bars and restaurants in the Republic of Ireland, not being reminded of it at all.  Registration for VAT is obligatory for persons supplying services to the value of €37,500 or more per annum or €75,000 per annum in the case of goods.

PRSI Rates and Universal Social Charge

Pay Related Social Insurance is widely viewed as a tax but it is also the method of social insurance which gives rise to entitlement to contributory pensions and other benefits.  Where Income Tax is paid under the Pay As You Earn system operated by employers, the employee share of the Pay Related Social Insurance is deducted together with the Universal Social Charge and these, together with the Employer Contributions, are paid over to the Revenue Commissioners as part of the payroll system.  We operate payroll systems for some of our clients which large companies normally operate themselves.

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