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About Us

The Firm

Eaton Neary is a firm of Accountants and tax consultants, based in Athlone offering accounts, taxation, business advisory and support services to a wide range of businesses and individuals. Dermot Neary is the principal in the practice.

The firm has built up extensive skills and experience and we understand the needs of a growing business. We are committed to providing businesses, whether small, medium or large, with expertise and support.

We understand how businesses develop and how important accurate financial information can be to the success of that development.

We will take the pain out of your Annual Audit, Company Returns and Taxation needs. As a professional service organisation our aim is to provide you with the tools to manage your business and its development, with a view to securing long-term growth.

We are a member of:


Eaton Neary is a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the world’s leading body for professional Accountants, with over 110 years of experience, innovation and excellence.


Eaton Neary is a mem­ber of the Irish Tax­a­tion Insti­tute, the lead­ing pro­fes­sional body for tax­a­tion affairs in Ire­land with 6,000 mem­bers com­pris­ing Reg­is­tered Tax Con­sul­tants, accoun­tants, bar­ris­ters, solic­i­tors and other professionals.


We are a mem­ber of Accoun­tancy Group West, a net­work of account­ing firms and tax professionals. Mem­ber­ship is con­fined to firms who are Reg­is­tered Accoun­tants and who share a strong desire to exchange infor­ma­tion on current mat­ters of pro­fes­sional inter­est.

General Questions

Isn’t it just larger businesses that need an accountant?
Of course not, even the smallest business can benefit from advice on ways to minimise tax and manage their accounts. If you prefer, we can handle all of your bookkeeping, regular management accounts and VAT returns on your behalf. The added benefit of us being involved is that having prepared the books it makes the final accounts much easier, saving time and keeping costs down.


Working with an accountant is an added cost to any business. However, the cost should be offset by the value they add. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals. By getting to know you and your business well, we can tailor what we do specifically for your needs and your strategy, thereby adding value.


Our fees will be based on the time spent on your affairs and also on the level of skill and responsibility and the importance and value of the advice we provide, as well as the level of risk and complexity. We will provide a quote in advance if requested, unless the matter is urgent and it is in your best interests to take action on your behalf. We offer you the chance to pay our fees monthly and avoid having a large invoice in one go, which helps your cash flow.

If you want to keep your own accounting records, then that is fine. If you need some help then we can give you some training. Ensuring that you understand the best way to prepare your accounting information makes it easier for us to complete your accounts or tax return. If we do this for you then you can concentrate on running your business.


Sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes look at your business. We will listen to you and firstly understand the history of the business and then how you want to develop it. We can carry out a “healthcheck” of the operating systems, management and financial reporting in place; advise on any matters arising and recommend any actions required. All designed to match up with your goals, which we established at the outset.