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Other Services

In addition to Accounting, Auditing and dealing with the various taxes outlined under Services, we are always anxious to discuss with clients and prospective clients other areas in which we can offer services, such as Insolvency

Companies or individuals enduring cash flow difficulties and shortage of working capital are welcome to contact us to discuss their options and their legal obligations.  

The law does not allow an Auditor to be Liquidator of the same company but even in cases where we might be precluded from acting as Liquidators we can utilise the good working relations we have with other Accountants who undertake the work of acting

  • as Tax Planner
  • as Examiner
  • as Liquidator
  • as Receiver

Tax Planning

We pride ourselves on providing timely and relevant advice in all areas of income tax, and we have a wealth of experience of both the Irish and UK tax systems.

Our income tax planning service includes:

  • Advice on efficient pension and retirement planning
  • Enhancing shareholder and individual wealth
  • Tax efficient remuneration
  • Advice on tax-based investments
  • Ensuring continuing compliance with the tax authorities

Forensic Accounting

Assessing the commercial or financial implications of legal disputes is imperative to ensure that financial settlements encompass every aspect of your case. The ramifications attached to this assessment are huge and getting it wrong can have long-term repercussions.

We provide acting assistance in cases of suspected or actual fraud, authoritative quantification of damages and acting as expert witnesses capable of making a decisive contribution to your case.

Professional tax planning is an important part of the management of your own personal income and  personal finances, whether you are self employed, a company director  or pay taxes through the PAYE system.